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The British railways have once again proved what a dire state they are in. It now only costs £10 more to get from St Pancras to Belgium than it does to travel from Basingstoke into London. With prices like that you can’t afford not to go to Europe.

Anyway, I’m currently in Brussels sitting on my bed in the Youth Hostel. Prior to arriving in Belgium I had no idea of what to expect. The idea of researching the place before I arrived didn’t really appeal to me. Subsequently I have been pleasantly surprised by what Brussels has to offer.

For a Capital City it isn’t particularly large and you can easily walk around the City centre in a day. I’ve been putting my C grade GCSE French to excellent use, although everyone seems to speak excellent English so it is largely a waste of time.

Today Chris and I walked to the European Parliament. I was expecting to see lots of men in suits passing legislation, typing numbers into spreadsheets and looking very stern. The place however looked pretty quiet. The building itself is absolutely vast. Some people (myself included) would say that it is probably too large. It is however a fairly attractive looking building with a definite “bureaucratic” look to it (if such a thing exists).

Out the back of the Parliament building is a park where Chris and I sat and watched a lone man play basketball. I can only assume that he was a MEP out on his lunch break.

The Belgian people all seem very nice, although much like the French nobody seems to have a real job. Instead they spend their days sitting in restaurants eating steak and chips and drinking Stella Artois. I don’t hold it against them though, people in England seem to work far too much and the European clearly have the right idea when it comes to mixing work with fun. Just to go back to the Stella, the stuff they drink here is a hell of a lot better than the crap we get served back in England. It actually a very pleasant and refreshing drink rather than just being another tasteless lager which leaves you with a cracking headache.

This evening we are planning to go and see the Atomium, which are essentially just some giant marbles.

Tomorrow we head to Bruges.


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I’m not going anywhere without a reservation Bruges

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  • 1. Alan  |  24/04/2011 at 2:36 pm

    Hi Dave & Chris
    Good to hear you are enjoying the trip and of course taking in a little culture on the way. The Belgians are renowned for being very friendly and unjustly as being boring. The Parliament building does sound impressive and I’m sure there are little grey suits running around in there somewhere, especially English Euro MPs living of the fat. The Atomium sound interesting. You will have to post a picture.
    Take care, happy Easter and may your God go with you.


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